Windows 8 Apps

September 22, 2013

I have started working on Windows 8 App Development. I hope to start publishing applications to the Windows Store within the next few weeks.

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Welcome to the Geeks Forge

October 15th, 2013


     I have started working on building Windows 8 store apps, and decided to give the site a facelift.

     I put way more effort into rebuilding this site than I had anticipated, not thrilled about that. I decided to convert my site to ASP.NET, and found out my hosting company did not support it. So, I have moved over to SoftSys Hosting, and now have a Windows 2012 VPS (Virtual Private Server). So far, they are great, and it is nice to be able to RDP in, and manage my system. I had the site running off a server in my house for several years, but it is nice to have someone else dealing with maintaining uptime. It is nice to have3 full control again. I ran into some problems getting ASP.NET working properly on Server 2012 due to missing a few settings when configuring IIS 8, but it's mostly all good now.

     I have had one, or more web sites up since 1989, and this one since 2004. I have been supporting computers since 1989, and servers since 1997. I have a brief history on the about page.